We invite you to read these terms of IBOPLAYER-APP.COM site.
The validation of your online transaction form is considered as an irrevocable acceptance of these terms.

The application IBO Media Player is delivered without any content. In addition, no content is provided from the application even after activating it on our website. The information displayed at the beginning includes the MAC address as well as the website so that clients can activate the application once for life.
The MAC address and the URL are essential for the proper functioning of the application.
IBO Player does not provide any content or subscription.
The content and subscriptions provided under the IBO Player app name are frauds.
IBO Player disclaims any responsibility for the use of fraudulent content.
The application IBO Player or it is entitled can not be held as responsible for the quality or interruptions of the content used on IBO Media Player,
IBO Player only provides a media player.
The application IBO Player does not provide any advertising for content providers or subscriptions and reserves the right to sue anyone who uses our name or logo for advertising purposes.

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