Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and cancellation policy

Activation of the license to use the application is a digital product, which is carried out directly on the platform of the application author system online and irrevocably,
The apps have a 7-day period to be tested for free, so do not purchase the license until you have tried and evaluated all the features.
As provided in the Consumer Protection Act, if the consumer has had a period to try the product for free (the common “tasting”), the right of repentance does not apply, because the consumer has been in contact with the product and, by doing so, has been able to assess its characteristics and suitability. For acquisition.

Can I get a refund after purchasing an app activation license?
Activation cannot be changed or transferred to another device.
After accepting the above terms, no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

It is mentioned that after activating a user license by sending the keys (Hardware Key ID and Device ID or MAC ID), the use is entirely your responsibility.
IBO is not responsible for any improper or unauthorized use of the application.
Note that in the event of failures, defects, and attempts to transfer licenses between devices, this is the sole responsibility of the user and cannot be refunded.
If you configure your computer, mobile phone or TV and the app changes your activation codes, we do not provide any type of additional guarantee.

Wrong MAC address entered

You can correct this and email us, so we can locate the correct address

Note: If you use a stolen card, your Mac will be blocked and its IP address will be reported.


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